Sunday, 1 January 2017

Translation - Istruzione per maneggio e scherma della sciabola del Capitano Settimo Del Frate

In the link below you will find my recently completed translation for Settimo Del Frate's 1868 sabre manual "Istruzione per maneggio e scherma della sciabola" (Instruction for sabre handling and fencing):

The document does not contain a translation for the preface, as this has already been done by Chris Holzman (to a far greater degree than I would be able to), which can be found on his "Art of the Dueling Sabre" Facebook page.

There are a few sentences that were difficult for me to translate, and so these have been marked in red. Users may feel free to comment on any areas that are unclear, or suggest corrections, either on the Google Doc itself or here in the comments.

The scans that were used to create this translation were obtained via, and can be found here.

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