Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Translation - Del progresso della scherma in Italia by Salvatore Arista

After the 1884 Commission which replaced Radaelli's Scuola Magistrale in Milan with that of Parise in Rome, there was naturally a lot of outrage from the Radaellians. The translated work I present to you today is a good example of that outrage. This booklet by Salvatore Arista was released in that same year, and its full title is Del progresso della scherma in Italia: Considerazioni sull'impianto della nuova scuola magistrale per l'esercito fondata in Roma nel 1884, or in English, "On the progress of fencing in Italy: Considerations on the establishment of the new Scuola Magistrale for the army founded in Rome in 1884".

Arista being one of the most prominent Radaellians of the time, this booklet is a good reflection of the Radaellians' outrage following the 1884 Commission. It is filled with emotion, accusations, and the occasional snide remark levelled at Radaelli's opponents. The booklet is divided into three sections; the first is a brief history of Radaelli’s school and its achievements, the second a damning critique of the 1884 Commission's report, and the third is Arista's comments on Parise's treatise itself.

As usual, I use yellow to highlight an uncertain translation, and red to highlight a translation I know is incorrect.

Special thanks to Biblioteca comunale dell'Archiginnasio for providing me with the scans.

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