Thursday, 3 August 2017

Translation - Ultima Parole sulla Risorta Questione Angelini-Masiello by Achille Angelini

This latest translation is an essay by General Achille Angelini entitled Ultima Parole sulla Risorta Questione Angelini-Masiello intorno alla Scherma della Sciabola del Defunto Maestro Redaelli (English: "Final word on the revived Angelini-Masiello matter regarding the sabre fencing system of the late Maestro Radaelli"), which was published in 1888. You may view it using the link below.

Angelini claims he was spurred to write this after reading Masiello's divisive introduction to his 1887 fencing treatise. In this introduction, Masiello heavily criticises the 1884 commission which replaced Radaelli's sabre method with that of Parise, and also justifies his undying support for the Radaelli's principles in spite of all this. Angelini himself states that a large number of arguments contained in this essay of his were taken straight from his 1877 booklet Osservazioni sul maneggio della sciabola secondo il metodo Radaelli ("Observations of the handling of the sabre according to the Radaelli method"), with some additions dealing with quotes from Masiello's 1887 treatise.

It is predominately this article that Jacopo Gelli is responding to in Resurrectio, where he takes apart all of Angelini's obtuse logic whilst still keeping a relatively respectful tone (at least more so than some other Radellians).

An interesting thing to note is that Angelini mentions various articles written in defence of Radaelli's system by Del Frate, Arista, Masiello and others in the journals "l'Esercito italiano" and "l'Italia militare" between 1876 and 1878. I have yet to find any archives of these journals from those years, so if anyone knows where I might be able find them please do get in touch!

Special thanks to user Swordchefs for providing the scans of this document.

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