Sunday, 11 December 2016

About This Blog

Hi there, my name is Sebastian Seager and I study HEMA in Melbourne, Australia. Since starting HEMA earlier this year, I have been constantly searching for more information and resources regarding the Radaellian sabre tradition, my main area of interest. However, due to the Radaellian system being fairly niche (relative to the whole of HEMA), I was always left wanting. Hence the creation of this blog, which I hope will serve as a useful resource for others.

This blog will serve as a platform to share my interpretations, translations, and discussions as they relate to HEMA. My main area of interest is in the 19th century Italian fencing traditions, particularly that of Giuseppe Radaelli, but also those that continued his lineage such as Rossi and Masiello.

My translations are the product of a very limited knowledge of Italian, so readers should always feel free to suggest corrections where they feel it is necessary or appropriate.

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